The History Behind the Dive Alliance Adventures

“Holy Smokes! I have really wanted to get involved with this for a long time!” shares Jay Barth, current Dive Alliance President. Mark Cook started the dive program.  “We started doing one class, at 8 am, with one or two students. Now we are doing three classes, that are full. We built it up, and started doing trips. ”

Dive Alliance was created for vets returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. In the watery world of diving vets can experience underwater silence. Friendships are forged between veterans who understand the challenges of coming back from war and many experience relief from chronic pain. Jay Barth shares, “a lot of relief comes to vets from (diving). Vets say that it has been more effective than any therapy that they have ever done. It gives them something to live for, they can take it as far as they want to go, whether just a single dive trip, or the chance to become an instructor.”

Jay Barth – Instructor, President

Jay has been diving for over 35 years and is a PADI Course Director (Instructor trainer) His passion for diving taken him all over the world.  He loves to share this passion with the veterans and has seen how diving has transformed many of the inured divers. He become heavily involved in instruction to both divers and those who wanted to become trainers in 2000. Since that time he has trained countless divers, including vets.

Mark Cook – Instructor

Mark has been diving for 40 years and was in the Marine Corps.  Mark is a Dive instructor for PADI and HSA Handicapped Scuba Association.  He has helped many of the veterans through difficult times.

Rendon McNeil – Instructor

Rendon has been a scuba instructor for 2 years and has a great passion for scuba diving and teaching. Coming from a long line of military veterans, and using his experience teaching as a professor at Utah Valley University, he loves teaching and helping veterans.

Mindy Martin – Staff

Mindy loves helping others and scuba diving. She has worked in the medical field for over 14 years. She has enjoyed seeing the benefit this program has had on peoples lives as well as her own. She is passionate about making this organization succeed so it can continue to help those in need. She is working on getting her instructor certification so she can also assist with teaching the course.

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